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The rocket powered Mark 1 X-Racer, with fully loaded liquid oxygen and kerosene fuel tanks with silicone rubber seals, will have an acceleration similar to an F-5. When low on liquid oxygen and kerosene, the lighter weight will allow for an acceleration similar to that of an F-15.. As pilots light their rockets, a 15 foot yellow flame will fire from the rocket nozzle. With only 4 minutes of burn time and a race track in the sky that will take approximately 12 minutes to complete, rocket racers will be experts in energy management.

With no modulation of throttle, racers will be required to intermittently boost at full power and then glide in an effort to manage fuel appropriately for victory. The given constraints allow for exciting come from behind finishes, since the person in the lead may have expended his or her energy too soon.

Gentlemen, start your rockets!!!

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The 21st century's newest and greatest sport - racing rocket- powered aircraft

The Rocket Racing League™ is an aerospace sports and entertainment organization that combines the competition of racing with the excitement of rocketry. The RRL was established by X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis and two-time Indianapolis 500 champion team partner Granger Whitelaw to advance the technology and increase public awareness of space travel. The NASCAR-style racing league features rocket-powered aircraft that will be flown by top pilots through a 'three-dimensional track way' at venues throughout the world. With millions of fans who enjoy racing and air shows, and an even wider audience enthralled with humanity's next step into space, rocket racing is destined to become the future of racing!


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